Please email me at asaliemay @ with any questions! Pickup is in or around Boxborough, right off 495 and near Rt. 2.

LOTS of votive holders!!

Votive holders: Some confusion led to me obtaining about 300 votive holders, I don't need them anymore!

105 small unused holders (the one on the right). $30 for all. Preferably would like to sell all together, but will make smaller groups if needed. 

28 small used votive holders. The wax left over should come out easily if you put them in the freezer, or fill them with really hot water. $5 for these

23 cylinder unused votive holders (the one on the left) $8 for all.
19 cylinder used votive holders $5... or $10 for all 42 (new and used)   SOLD

18 2 x 3" ivory pillar candles  $15

I realized when I opened the box, they weren't what I wanted. I opened one package, but all the candles are unused

Flower Girl Basket $5

I wanted to line it with pink fabric, but my friend who glued it used too much glue, so we tried to fix it with the blue ribbon.. anyway, it served its purpose, but you should be able to take the fabric out and fix up the basket the way you want it, or leave it plain.

Shallow wicker tray basket $5

Matches flower girl basket.. about the size of a legal size paper tray.

40 1 1/2" ivory votives $5

Small ivory votive candles, fit in the votive holders. Fit my venue's fire code requirement of having the flame "under the glass".

Bridal Bargains 9th ed.  $5


32 Salt and pepper shakers, used as bud vases $15

Since we didn't have floral centerpieces, I used a rose and a piece of stock in these and had three on each table.

Pillar candles- $2 each

Joe had to buy these last minute the day of the wedding, so that's why there are different colors. As far as I know, no one looked at each table to check if they were the same!
7  bright white
4 white
2 ivory

7 Yankee Candle lanterns $7 each/ $45-all       SOLD


Hand made crystal hair comb $50

Joe's mom bought this, but it didn't really fit what I wanted, so I never ended up using it. It is beautiful, though, really gorgeous detail.

8 Shepherds hooks $35


10 Mason Jars  $5

I don't know where the 12th one went :( Still looking for it..